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2022 SLC Appointment Times 

8:00 AM- Huron HS (Gong) & Bay Arenac (Gillard)

8:00 AM- Troy HS (Keeta) & Huron HS (Conley)

8:30 AM- Novi HS (Rajesh) & Northville (Coon)

8:30 AM- Rochester (Kumar) & Novi (Doredla)

9:00 AM- Troy HS (Mao) & Novi (Esarla)

9:00 AM- Bay Arenac (Arnold) & West Shore (Funke)

9:30 AM- Troy HS (Kim) & Northviile (Tandon)

9:30 AM- Bay Arenac (Rice) & Novi (Talluri)

All students advance to round two for Dental Science! Please report to hotel Tower doors at 1:30 PM, Friday. 

For Extemporaneous Writing, Extemporaneous Health Poster, Family Medicine Physician and MRC Partnership events, competitors/teams should report to location and time listed in schedule. There are no appointment times for these events. 

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