Coronavirus Response 

Important notice regarding the 2020 Michigan HOSA State Leadership Conference        


We have received a inquiries regarding precautions and procedures to prevent the spread of viruses during this year's conference.  While the current risks are low in Michigan, the Governor and local health departments have issued statements encouraging everyone to reduce handshakes and to wash their hands often.


Out of an abundance of caution for the COVID-19 Virus, we are requesting members modify their introduction to judges by providing a verbal greeting in place of a handshake when they are ready to start their presentation (if applicable).  Judges will not deduct points from students that do not shake hands or stumble with this type of greeting.


We encourage advisors to take a few moments to review these changes with their students before the start of the conference and to work with them as they practice their verbal greetings in place of handshakes. Event managers will discuss the verbal greeting procedure during the judge orientation process.


Michigan HOSA will provide hand sanitizers stationed throughout Grand Traverse Resort.


Thank you for your assistance as we strive to create a safe and positive experience during this year's conference.


For more information regarding Michigan’s Department of Education response to COVID-19 Virus, please visit,5885,7-339-71550_5104_97675---,00.html.