2021-22 VIRTUAL Regional Leadership Conference

December 9th-10th, 2021

Grand Awards December 13th, 2021

  • Conference registration deadline November 19th, 2021!
  • Tallo & emailed submissions due December 8th by 2:00 PM. No late submissions will be accepted.



Top 10 Finalist Certificate
**Medals will be mailed to schools

Virtual Regional Resources


TALLO (upload materials by 12/8 @ 2 PM)

In the Classroom
Classroom Furnitures

CE History 2021

(see how many competed in each event last year!)

Working on Laptop
Color Pencils

Virtual Conference Security and Ethical Statement

Video Recorded Presentation Guidelines

Regional Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does the regional conference cost?

A: $20 per student. Advisors are free.

Q: Can I participate in another region for any reason, such as a scheduling conflict? 

A: No. You can only participate in your assigned region. If you have a schedule conflict, you will have to choose. 

Q: How many events can I compete in?

A: One event. 

Q: My partner backed out on me last minute or is sick the day of the conference. Can I still compete without them?

A: Teams MUST compete with the number listed in the event guidelines. No more, no less. If it is a two person team event, you must compete with two people. If the student cannot find a last minute replacement, we will allow them to participate in another event at Regionals, such as a knowledge test. 

Q: I decided not to participate in HOSA but have already paid. Can I get a refund?

A: No refunds will be issued after the conference deadline. We allow substitutions, but no refunds. 

Q: Are parents or spectators allowed to watch me during the competition?

A: No one besides HOSA event personnel, judge(s) and the competitor(s) are allowed in the room during competitions. Parents and spectators are welcome to attend the awards ceremony at the end of the conference. 

Q: Where do I look if I have specific questions about my competitive event?

A: First, look at the event guidelines. Second, check the specific event modifications link at the top of this page for any specific notes we have about the event for the regional level. Third, check out the Competitive Events FAQs page. If you did not find your answer, please email samantha.pohl@mhc.org or hosa@mhc.org

Q: Will I get my judge's rating sheet back? 

A: It is HOSA policy that judge rating sheets and other material remain confidential. Michigan HOSA will try to provide Judge Feedback Cards, but it is not a guarantee

Q: If I don't get to see my rating sheet, how do I improve next year?

A: The best way to improve for next year is to work hard! It is usually very helpful to have practice judges evaluate your performance using the HOSA rating sheet, prior to competition. They can give you direct feedback and suggestions for improvement. You can’t get that kind of information from the rating sheets, and it is continuous feedback from healthcare professionals, educators and others who judge your performance that will be the most helpful to you during your journey of becoming a future health professional.

Q: As an advisor, what is my role at the regional conference?

A: Advisors will need to check in at the registration table upon arriving at the conference. This is where you will receive name badges, registration lists and programs for your students. We will also assign advisors to help run a competitive event, otherwise known as an Event Manager. This will be communicated to you prior to the conference. You do NOT need to be an expert to run an event. Michigan HOSA staff will be happy to assist you if you have any questions or concerns. For a virtual conference, please be available for your students the day of to help field any questions/issue that come up. We could also use your help running and judging events!

Q: Is food provided at the conference?

A: Yes. Lunch is included in your regional registration cost. It is usually a boxed lunch with a sandwich, chips, cookie, etc. We DO provide a vegetarian option, but only upon request. Please make sure your advisor selects this option for you when registering for the conference. No food is provided for a virtual conference.

Q: How many people advance to the state conference?

A: In 2019-2020 for in-person conferences, top 6 in each event advanced to states. We will update this if there are any changes. For the 2021-22 virtual conference, top 10 in each event from each regional will advance.