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Roles & Responsibilities

The HOSA Advisor

The following Role and Responsibilities will function as an Advisor Code of Conduct. Advisor conduct at any HOSA function is critical to setting the conduct standards for the organization and students. Advisors, who violate the Code of Conduct at any HOSA function, will forfeit any awards/recognition earned at the function where the violation occurred. The Executive Director will initially handle violations of the Advisor Code of Conduct. If the violation is not resolved, the Michigan HOSA's Advisory Council will review the situation and recommend action to the Executive Director. A student/entire HOSA chapter may be sent home early at their own expense and disqualified from event activities for violations of the Codes of Conduct. Violations of the Code of Conduct will be reported to the administration of the school system.


Advisor Responsibilities

  1. Be knowledgeable about HOSA, including: goals, mission, structure, conferences, deadlines, bylaws, and policies.

  2. Be held to the standards of the Michigan Code of Ethics for Educators and follow the policies of their school and local Board of Education at all times.

  3. Promote the goals and objectives of HOSA as a positive student experience; therefore, will act as a positive role model for students in dress, voice, attitude, actions, and demeanor.

  4. Be appropriately dressed at all HOSA activities in accordance with the Michigan HOSA Dress Code.

  5. Aware of their student's activities and whereabouts at all times.

  6. Be immediately available in the event of an emergency and are to report any accidents, injuries, or significant illnesses to the conference staff.

  7. Be responsible for the resolution of all damages incurred by their students.

  8. May NOT use or have in their possession any illegal substances, alcohol, or tobacco products at any time.

  9. Ensure that no students/guests of the opposite sex are allowed in a hotel room together without an approved chaperone present.

  10. Review all pertinent information in the Advisor Guide Book with students prior to all HOSA events.


Advisor Roles

  1. Attending advisors are required to work a competitive event at Regional, State and International Leadership Conferences.

  2. Be knowledgeable of education initiatives and how HOSA fits the needs and opportunities provided by those initiatives.

  3. Carefully read all emails and information from the Michigan and National HOSA offices.

  4. Closely follow all State and National HOSA deadlines and directions. Set your chapter deadlines early to allow time for changes and corrections.

  5. Collect membership dues and forms promptly at the beginning of the year to ensure members will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities HOSA affords its members. Oversee the keeping of records and finances for all activities.

  6. Keep the school board, school administration, local businesses, community, local media, and parents informed of chapter activities.

  7. Work with students and other chapter advisors to host events and ensure the accuracy of all conference registration.

  8. Establish basic ground rules and high expectations that help students lead themselves.

  9. Provide leadership development for chapter officers. Clearly define officer responsibilities and expectations by developing a Program of Work and a Calendar of Events.

  10. Enjoy your role of mentor. Show enthusiasm for chapter activities. You provide opportunities for students to develop positive self-images and become productive citizens.

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